Consultation and talks

Examining the Need for Comprehensive Refugee Protection and Asylum Seekers Policy in Ireland Today.

Lund University

Selective Humanitarianism: Can Forced Migration be Humane?

Faculty of Law-Catholic University of Portugal

Postgraduate Research Methodology: “Connected Communities: Active Democratic Citizenship in Central and Eastern Europe”

University of Glasgow and Center for European Studies Jagiellonian University

EU Governance between legal and Political Systems

University of Macerata and Universitario del Fermano-Italy

State Reform-Public Administration and Regional Development

Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies

Global Human Rights and Racial Discrimination: Challenges and opportunities.
Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies-University of Malta

Protection of civilians in peace operations United Nations Institute for training and research and the German Federal Foreign Office

Refugee Protection and Human rights of indigenous people National University of Ireland – Galway

International Civil Monitors, observers and field staff Folke Bernadotte Academy

Advocacy and Migration Policy in the EU Swiss Romanian Partnership Conference

The Inter-relationship between International refugee law and climate change University of Granada

Integration of recent migrants in Italy University of Bari “Aldo Moro” Italy

Governance and Diplomacy on the Government Agility conference (Ethiopian Government)
Ministry of Innovation and Technology, Addis Ababa – Ethiopia

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